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San Francisco, 94104
Aug 16, 1900 (Leo)
About me:
You don't care and there's absolutely no reason why you should. That said: Genius level i.q. Dumbest man I know. Self-taught virtuoso pianist, can't read a note of music. Loquacious, lightning-quick, entertaining. Babbler, oblivious, arcane, incomprehensible. Tall, slim(ish), well-built(ish), most beautiful blue eyes many people have ever seen. Big crooked nose, knock-knees, never can and never did get past "four-pack" status. Blonde head hair, zero chest hair. Clean neatly trimmed fingernails always, toenails sometimes a bit iffy. Beautiful singing voice, speaking voice utterly fails to make any impression. Autodidact who knew what every word meant but mispronounced half of them. Raised in a family that had never (so far as is known) produced a college graduate. Graduated high school-with D+ average at 17 (thanks Mom for helping me produce those Rolling Stones tongue leather drink coasters last week of school to keep me from flunking leather working class!), from Harvard Law School cum-laude at 30. Charming, unfailingly polite, good-hearted. Lazy, vain, self-centered. One of the best legal writers in the United States, almost miss the deadline every single time. Can't be bothered to read to the end of the thread before chiming in or going back to correct the myriad of typos. Love cats. Dogs are o.k. I guess if you're that way. Can sit down next to the wealthiest and/or most sophisticated and possibly snobby people you'll ever meet or a group of NYC construction workers and will have a comfortable, interesting, like we've known each other for ten years interaction each and every time. Would rather be alone entertaining myself. Enjoy good company and conversation, believe living alone is the greatest luxury life has to offer. I'll bet you're a really interesting person if one could sit down for 30 minutes and listen to you talk about yourself. We're all fascinated by ourselves aren't we? No one else is, however.
San Francisco
Political views:
not in polite compan
Religious views:
Voltaire took care of those 29 years ago
This, that, and occasionally the other thing---sometimes six or seven times in one day!
History, philosophy, big complicated, obsolete machines that dole(d) out death and are of zero relevance to my life, and (most respectfully and generally without regard to age/beauty) God's most precious gift to mankind -- woman--who makes everything else worthwhile and graces us with her divine, mysterious, magical, intoxicating, nurturing, and maddening ways even when she's dumping us and taking half. Earl Wild playing Liszt, Fats Waller playing Fats Waller. To name a few.
Favorite Music:
Oh I guess I spoke to soon there. Well let me add Glenn Gould playing the Goldberg Variations, Roxy Music from start to finish, the Stones from Beggar's Banquet through Some Girls, Led Zeppelin and yes, guilty pleasure I hated when my brother used to play it all the time---G'nR. To name a few.
Favorite TV Shows:
Never watch T.V. (as opposed to DVDs) Ever. Ever. Never saw an episode of Friends, Seinfeld, Two and a half men, Big Bang Theory, or any other t.v. program since 1993. Not because I'm superior, to the contrary, because I'm a weirdo. Sole exception--U.S.C. football when they're having a good year. Oh as long as we're on weirdo, never had a Facebook account, find the idea that anyone would want to utterly incomprehensible.
Favorite Movies:
Haven't seen a movie in a theater since Star Wars -- I was two years old. Have a collection of DVDs (and old VHS tapes) including a lot of film noir, old USC football games, war and other history stuff, comedy, music.
Favorite Books:
Have read Will Durant's "Story of Civilization" series six times since age 11 (skipped volume 1 last 5 times). Anything about history (U.S. history is a bit of a weak spot) Alexander the Great, Battleships, Tanks, warplanes. Read Factotum a few months ago which I thought was pretty good. Regular but measured doses of philosophy ancient Greeks, to Chinese, the Stoics, the Scholastics, the Germans, too dull-witted for anything produced post 1900. Oh--anything by Dumas (translation is so key).
Favorite Quotes:
"No good deed goes unpunished." "Mind over matter---if you don't mind, it don't matter." "Why am I writing this? Why would anyone ever read a word of it?"
Counsel at An honorable and worthy fellow
Harvard Law School 1997, Convincing myself it's still impressive after finding out Obama preceded me., half dozen different J.C.s 0, dropped out of first five.

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